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          ABOUT US


           Hengcheng Pharmaceutical Group Huainan Co., Ltd. is located in Huainan Economic and Technological Development Zone Biomedical Science and Technology Park in Anhui Province, is a production of synthetic bulk drugs mainly at the same time producing tablets, capsules and kill Spirulina series of pesticides integrated pharmaceutical chemical companies, state-level high-tech enterprises. The company formerly known as Anhui Tung Shing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

          The company has 161 employees, about 100 of whom have college degree or above. adhering to the "perseverance, integrity, self-reliance, innovation," the entrepreneurial spirit, adhere to the high-tech products as the basis, the implementation of export-led strategy to vigorously explore International and domestic markets, to achieve a good economic and social benefits. In 2022, it achieved sales income of over 82 million yuan and foreign exchange earnings of 2 million U.S. dollars. As a result of good management results and significant business performance, Hengcheng Pharmaceutical Huainan Co., Ltd. has been granted the title of "Advanced Enterprise of Import and Export of Huainan City", "Advanced Unit of Ankang Cup in Huainan City", "Advanced Unit of Safety Production in Huainan City" "And other honorary titles, in 2010 also been assessed as tax-paying enterprises in Anhui Province AA level tax credit units.

          The company's main products are: raw material intermediates niclosamide products, 5-aminosalicylic acid, paracetamol, etc .; solid formulations of products are Mesalazine enteric-coated tablets (An Jiasha), nimesulide capsules, anti-TB Drug packaging and other combinations; pesticide formulations have 50% to kill the amine ethanolamine salt wettable powder, 70% Spiroxir WP and so on. Which niclosamide Hengcheng pharmaceutical raw materials is one of the main export products, the introduction of the product Bayer company in Germany advanced production technology and technological innovation through the formation of a unique production technology line, the technology is mature, stable product quality, but also and Bayer company's cooperative products from Germany Bayer company by the global sales agent, the products are mainly exported to Europe and America, Asia and Africa more than 30 countries and regions, the export volume of about 200 million US dollars. Niclosamide products or an effective high-rate insecticide and veterinary de-worming drugs, but also the only foreign choice of the only commercial molluscicides. Niclosamide products play an important role in the endemic disease control and world blood and blood control in China and are the first choice for the prevention and treatment of schistosomiasis, making a positive contribution to the prevention and treatment of schistosomiasis.

          Heng Cheng Pharmaceutical Group Huainan Co., Ltd. adhere to the "people-oriented, quality-oriented" management philosophy, adhere to the raw material medicine-oriented development, uphold the concept of technological innovation, strictly in accordance with the GMP standard production, and strive to grow and develop for People's medication safety and social development to make a positive contribution.

          Welcomed the people with lofty ideals joined Hengcheng Pharmaceutical, to speed up business development work together!


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